Partnered DSP (Music Stores)

At Zil Distribution, we offer a range of music streaming platforms. Our leading brands include Spotify, Apple Music, Shazam, Tidal, and YouTube Music. These platforms are well-established and have a large user base, making them ideal for record labels looking to reach a wide audience.

We also offer a number of complementary platforms, such as Amazon, Google Music, and iHeart Radio. These platforms offer a similar experience to the leading brands but may have a smaller user base, which could be beneficial for record labels targeting specific audiences.

For niche audiences, we also have platforms like Anghami and Mixcloud, which cater to specific genres or communities.

We also provide content protection services like YouTube Content ID and Facebook Fingerprinting to ensure that the rights holders of the music are properly compensated.

The list of all DSPs we offer is:

  1. 7 Digital
  2. AdRev
  3. Akazoo
  4. Alibaba
  5. Amazon
  6. Anghami
  7. AMI Entertainment
  8. Apple Music
  9. Audiomack
  11. Boomplay
  12. Deezer
  13. EOS
  14. Facebook Fingerprinting
  15. Facebook Music
  16. Google Music
  17. iHeart Radio
  18. iMusica
  19. iTunes
  20. Juno
  21. Kanjian
  22. KKBOX
  23. LEEway
  24. Line Music
  25. MediaNet
  26. Mixcloud
  27. Napster
  28. NetEase
  29. Neurotic Media
  30. Nuuday
  31. Pandora
  32. RX Music
  33. Saavn
  34. Shazam
  35. Slacker
  36. Soundcloud
  37. SoundExchange
  38. Spotify
  39. Tencent
  40. TikTok
  41. TouchTunes
  42. Tidal
  43. Beatport
  44. Uma Music
  45. VerverLife
  46. YouTube Content ID
  47. YouTube Music
  48. Yandex
  49. Zvook

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