MarketWise F.A.Q

Explore our FAQ section for straightforward answers about and our marketing solutions.

Is it legit?

Yes. At MarketWise, we employ Google Ads and Meta Ads, ensuring authentic and ethical campaigns, custom-designed for effective and verifiable results.

How long does the campaign last?

It usually lasts for 2/3 weeks, but it can vary because of the time it takes to target the right audience is not always the same.

What do you mean by engagement?

We refer to comments, likes and subscriptions to your music video and channel. We can’t guarantee a certain number of them because it depends precisely on how well the music video and the ad perform together.

Why do you give a range for the results?

Ads never give the exact same results for each different campaign, but we optimize them to the point that the results may vary but within the given range.

Can explicit content be promoted?

This depends on HOW explicit the content is. Showing nudity, drug use, blood/gore, violence, etc will have Google disapprove your ad for “Shocking” or “Adult” content. However, light swearing or brief/mildly suggestive content generally still gets approved. If you aren’t sure if your song will be approved, feel free to email us!

Can you target a specific audience?

At MarketWise we target according to genre and style of music. If there are certain territories you’d like to target please contact us at the bottom of this page to discuss a custom plan.

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