How long does it take for my album to go live in stores?

To release a song on a music store, you should first submit the music for review and approval by our Operations team. We will verify the quality and content of the album, as well as ensure that it meets any legal requirements or guidelines. Once the album has been approved, it will be added to the store’s catalog and made available for purchase or streaming by users.

In most cases, the review and approval process for a song can be completed within a few hours. However, if there are any technical issues or other factors that delay the process, it may take longer to release the song in the store. For example, if the quality of the audio file is poor, the store may need to request a new version from the artist, which can delay the release. Additionally, if the song contains any potentially offensive or inappropriate content, the store may need to review and approve the song more carefully, which can also delay its release.

Overall, the time it takes to release a song on a music store can vary, but it is typically live within three days.
We strongly recommend that you distribute your music more than three weeks prior to that date.

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