Difference between a Composition and a Sound Recording

Music Compositions
Compositions are the written lyrics and music (melodies). It is created by the composer or songwriter.
It is closely aligned with music publishing, there are three kinds of royalties:
– Mechanical royalties: Paid to a songwriter whenever a copy of one of their songs is made, to collect these revenues from streaming platforms you would need a publisher.
– Performance royalties: Collected when a composition is broadcast (e.g. on the radio) or publicly performed (e.g. live in concert). Performance royalties are collected by PROs such as ASCAP in the U.S.
– Sync royalties: Revenue for granting permission to synchronize a song with moving images on a screen – generally in television, film, or advertisements.

Master (Sound Recording / Track / Performance)
Masters are the recordings you listen to on streaming platforms, these are performed by artists like singers, band members, or session musicians.
You can earn money off them by selling physical recordings at shows; using a music distributor like Zil Distribution; or signing a deal with a label that will help manufacture and distribute recordings on your behalf.

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