Can I move my catalog to Zil Distribution?

Sure thing! you can move your releases to Zil Distribution and maintain the exact same metadata.

If you want to move a catalog of above fifty tracks you can simply do it on your account, just make sure to use the exact same data previously delivered.
To avoid duplicated albums and keep the current stream numbers or placements on Spotify playlists provide the UPC and ISRC(s) that you’re currently using on your release.
If albums are correctly linked you can contact your old distributor to take down your content.

For catalogs of over fifty tracks; reach your account manager, if metadata and files are perfectly provided we can do a bulk upload of all material to save you a lot of time and avoid possible transcription errors.

Have in mind we can’t collect royalties from streams linked to the old albums, and stores will keep paying royalties to your old distributor even if the album has been taken down.

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